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One time use electronic cigarette for sale atasehir

Air glow rex --INTRODUCTION

· Air glow rex Disposable Vape Device is a new Disposable Vape Device developed and launched by aierbaita. The large battery capacity and Pod capacity of the air glow rex Disposable Vape Device can support it to vape more than 500 Puffs. It also has five different popular flavors for you to pick from it and find the one that matches you best. The air glow rex Disposable Vape Device has an amazingly huge battery capacity that can reach up to 400mAh, and its e-liquid capacity is also huge, with each device filled with 3ml of delicious e-liquid fully. You can also choose the vaping way through its adjustable airflow design, bringing you the most convenient and wonderful vape enjoyment.

Air glow rex --Features

Puffs 500 Puffs
Battery Capacity 400mAh
Pod Capacity 3ml
Coil Resistance 1.8ohm

Air glow rex --Features

· Up to 500 Puffs

· Prefilled Pod Design

· 400mAh Built-in Battery Capacity

· Adjustable Airflow Control

· Large 3ml Pod Capacity

Air glow rex -- Flavors:

Mixed Fruit A variety of fruit sweet collision to satisfy your taste buds.
Energy Drink It gives you energy to clear your brain.
Blue razz Ice  The aroma and taste of the berries are very intense, sweet and sour on the palate
Cool Mint Super ice peppermint, stimulating the cold feeling through the heart
Lush Ice Thick cocktail taste, give you a different experience Nic. Strength: customizable

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