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Electronic cigarette wholesale with 5% nicotine

Air Glow Mega Disposable Vape Pen

A collection of the most popular flavors from the air glow mega (as well as some new arrivals) presented in a sleek and stylish disposable vape pen. With no messy refilling, and no buttons to press (just "vape and go") vaping really doesn't get any easier! There’s no need to re-fill or charge this device.

Key Specifications/Special Features

Puffs  3500
oil 8ML
nicotine 5%
Battery type number  18350
Battery 1100 mah
Packing specification  58 cm * 30.5 cm * 30 cm 503 g/box


1.Built-in battery



4.Contains 8ml

5.5%nic salt

6.Stylish & discreet design

7.Categories: Disposable Vape


1.LYCHEE ICE :Refreshing lychee fruit given a cool, icy twist.

2.STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM:Thick strawberry flavors, with ice cream texture, smooth and sweet.

3.LUSH ICE :Light and cool flavors of mint blend with watermelon juice.

4.PEACH ICE :Light peach flavor, quite smooth.

5.GRAPE ICE :The bouquet of grapes is very refreshing and not cloying.

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